presco2Presco Energy, Project owner and developer, is a resource development company with a long and successful history in the domestic energy industry.  The Company was early to identify the site’s large development potential for multiple renewable energy sources.  The fact that it lies astride the major transportation and utility corridor through northern Nevada made the Star Peak site that much more compelling, with numerous possibilities for commercial and industrial enterprise.

The Company adheres to a rigorous due diligence and investment process, honed by decades of deep industry experience.  We acquired the geothermal assets after a comprehensive review of the site’s technical and infrastructure attributes, adding additional interests to give us full control of the resource and any potential expansion.

Our broad mandate and flexible approach make us a valued partner to companies with a similar vision.  We seek a superior, risk-adjusted “total return”, focusing on the underlying economics and financial staying power of the business to guide our strategy and decision-making.