Data Centers

The free and speedy flow of information worldwide is the lifeblood of the global economy. The infrastructure to support this information flow consumes increasing (and staggering) quantities of energy, and requires ever-larger facilities to sustain this transference of information. The Star Peak Energy Center is designed to support this information flow with 100% renewable power and minimal water use. A data center is proposed as a primary base load off-taker of the power from existing and future geothermal plants at the site. The high desert climate is dominated by large temperature swings that result in “free cooling” for a majority of the year, improving center energy efficiencies and lowering operating costs. A typical US data center has an efficiency of 15% or less (Energy Efficiency = Useful Computation/Total Source Energy). By using site based renewable energy sources, integrated mechanical systems, and use of waste heat the efficiency of a data center operating at the Star Peak Energy Center may be higher than 80% resulting in substantial operating cost savings.
dataCenters Annual Energy Consumption and Carbon Foot Print
• 29,784 MWhrs per 4 MW Data Center ( 4MW total power, DCIE =0.80,
PUE  1.25,  Operating @ 85% IT load)
• 38,719 lbs of CO2 per 4 MW Data Center
Required Infrastructure and Resources
• Long haul Fiber Access   • Power   • Power redundancy
• Favorable climate for cooling    • Secure site
Site Area Required
• 8,800 SF per 4 MW
Work Force
• 20